Burna Boy - Sekkle down (feat. J Hus) dance by Viva Vero

by Viva Vero

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I film dance covers most of all on Sia's music videos, my own dance videos, sport and lifestyle videos.
Viva Vero - past singer and professional rhythmic gymnast, present professional dancer, model and actress.
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I was born Ukraine and at age of 7 I started my rhythmic gymnastic and singing career. I was a winner of many local and national singing festivals. Winner of the Kiev Rhythmic Gymnastic championship three times in a row, winner of over 100 local, national and international competitions, member of the Ukrainian National Team in 2013, performed at the Rhythmic Gymnastic World Championship in 2013. At age of 15 I changed my rhythmic gymnastic and singing careers to professional dancing, modeling and acting. Became a winner of the "International Dance Competition" in Ukraine. Winner of local and national dance competitions in USA.
Visited around 10 different countries, competed in some of them.
Conduct an active way of life and do what I love.
I like to help people and give them good advices.

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