DOOM 2016 Final Boss - Nightmare Pistol ONLY - Spider Mastermind (60 FPS)

by Jimmyqballs

Just so we're clear, pistol ONLY means pistol ONLY! What is with these "pistol only" videos using grenades?! Get that shit outta here! This is my favorite single player shooter of all time, I can safely say this now! Thanks id for finally understanding what made the glory days of shooters in the 90's so great and fun to play. This is a perfect modern update to what Doom brought to the table. Speed, great pacing, awesome music and enemies that mostly have dodgeable fire and allowed for the player to be in the fray without resorting to waiting on cover and health recharges. Incredibly fun and engaging game. What a great boss! Incredible art design, animation and attack variation! His melee attacks can cause problems depending on what side it approaches from, and I couldn't figure out exactly how they are telegraphed. Everything else is pretty easily dealt with as long as Spidey plays nice with the platform spawns.

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